Make a Good First Impression

There are many things in life that you can do multiple times. Making the first impression isn't one of them. 

We know that first impressions, no matter where they happen, disproportionally affect another person's long-term perception of you!

MyIntro.Page is an ultimate tool that will help you create the online impression that will last.

Dynamic Landing Pages

MyIntro.Page is more than just a landing page. It will help you to create a dynamic landing page to promote who you are and what you do. Personalized landing pages create the best user experience for your target audience.

Easy to use

WYSIWYG technology allows our website builder to be the simplest to use.


As your page is all about you, use to showcase your skills, your work, your education and triumphs with the entire community.

Immediate exposure

You will be seen by others instantly and create the impression that will last.

Contact and Connect

You can discover hundreds/thousands off untapped opportunities, recruiters, job seekers, companies.

Express Yourself

Take this opportunity to show-off who you are, and what you want to show the rest of the world.

Expand Your Network

Use your website to grow your brand, and have it evolve into whatever you want it to be.

Personalized Landing Pages

Your landing page is a key to customer satisfaction and conversion, and now you can create it online in your browser. 

Managing Your Online Image

Your landing page is your gateway into relationships with candidates, clients, potential business partners and customers.

Dynamic Landing Pages

With our application, you can make a single landing page that will adapt dynamically based on the person that you are trying to target. Just a few simple clicks, and you have a dynamic landing page ready for a new person.

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Create Personalized Landing Page

Do you know that a personalized landing page converts far better than a general landing page? Yes, you heard it right. That’s because a personalized landing page is more relevant to the visitor, and the more relevant your landing page it is, the more likely they are to convert.

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Our Plans and Pricing

Both packages include full personalization engine functionality that you need to create awesome landing pages. With our free plan, you can add, remove, or change components, sections, or segments of your page. The only limitation is the number of pages and links you can create. 

Ready to unlock more features? Chose our professional plan that has no limitations. 

Simple. Honest pricing. And we have only one premium plan.


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